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You will enjoy visiting the characteristics areas of Lecce:

The suggestive Lecce, with the Antique buildings and murals, built in a Calcareous Island connected to the mainland with a brick bridge. Museum of Chinese Missionaries and of the Natural History of Lecce
Terre e mari lontani e vicini.

To See Lecce
The museum, founded in 1953 by Franciscan Missionary Fathers, is divided into two distinct yet equally interesting sections in a total of twelve rooms. One wing houses Chinese coins, artistic objects, statuettes, vases and furnishings collected during missionary experiences by the Grey-Friars.
The other section presents displays regarding mineralogy, aquatic and terrestrial fauna, fossils and flora.

Lecce during the last years has been experimented a building boom, and today is considered one of the most popular and requested tourism centre of Italy.

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