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Driving along the roads of Puglia, you are sure to come across white stone buildings that evoke memories of a bygone age – these are known as masserie.

The Masseria Brigantino has all the beauty of a building from a bygone age a unique blend of rustic charm and comfort.

These country granges were constructed in the 15th century as a way of controlling and defending the territory.

A unique combination of rustic charm and modern comfort, the Masseria Brigantino has all the historic appeal of the buildings of that time. The original structure has been preserved thanks to a skilful restoration performed by expert craftsmen and local builders, and only local materials such as stones, mortar, tuff stone, wood and wrought iron have been used.

Visitors to Puglia are welcome to stay in this building which rises up from the rich Mediterranean vegetation, surrounded by carob trees and centuries-old olive groves from which you can catch a glimpse of the nearby Adriatic sea, a short distance away from the delightful, quiet little village of Torre Spaccata, home to the Masseria Il Brigantino.

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